SHOCKING: Cannabis Consultant Charges Money for Services, Advice

Cannabis enthusiasts and professionals alike have been shocked to learn that an international cannabis consultant has been charging money for his services and advice. In what comes as a surprise move to many in the cannabis industries, consultant Russ Hudson has reportedly charged clients for services rendered.

One client said that Hudson demanded money when the client requested several hours of consulting and brokering of a deal worth more than a half million Euro. Another client we didn’t speak to for this article was surprised and dismayed to learn that Hudson sought compensation for his work;

“It’s just weed, you know? How can the guy charge you for something if it has to do with weed?”

Hudson is a well-known cannabis consultant who works in Spain, the Netherlands, and the U.S., but recently it came to light that the 42-year-old American requires his clients to pay fees in exchange for his work. Many in the cannabis industry believe that professional advice and services aren’t worth anything if they focus on cannabis, because cannabis is just a weed and should be “free.”

We caught up to Hudson for a statement because I am him;

“If a client needs sensitive, industry-insider information, or hours of research, evaluations, travel, or other consulting work, I prefer to receive money in exchange for my time and expertise, mostly because I like to eat food and enjoy shelter.”

Hudson went on to explain that many people are upset when they learn he asks for money in return for his work;

“People contact me unsolicited because I’ve earned an excellent reputation in the cannabis industry, and I offer services and advice that are challenging to find elsewhere. They get upset when I won’t work for them or provide them with sensitive information in exchange for ‘smokin’ me up,’ or giving me a free vaporizer. My dark secret that no-one has discovered prior to now is that I have been woefully unable to buy food for my family with smoke-ups and Chinese-made vaporizers…”

Still, dozens of employment-free and highly entitled individuals have been outraged when Hudson refused to evaluate their business ideas for free, and many have been extremely frustrated that Hudson drags his feet and utterly rejects offers for him to build clients free websites, conduct and publish no-cost evaluations of their products or services, or deny those requesting access to secret cultivation centers around the globe. Distressingly, Hudson demands monetary compensation for these services.

“Although I think it’s great for my clients when they add me to their Board of Directors and then sell their business plan for top dollar without sharing any dividends with me, my 8-year-old daughter has asked that she be continually fed and clothed. I have tried acquiring food at the grocery store by telling them how well my clients did by selling my name and reputation, but I continually fail at these attempts.”

Outrageously, Hudson’s revelation above makes it clear that not only will he ask for money for his work, but he also won’t help clients who have some of the best business ideas that are sure to be worth millions, as long as Hudson will just do the work for free now and be willing to receive compensation in a few years.

“I’ve asked my wife and daughter if they can go a few years without eating, but they’re being selfish.”

Perhaps Hudson should learn to control his family’s appetite and self-righteous demands for shelter. In the meantime, the American consultant is childishly holding his position;

“I’m happy to provide professional consulting services…for a fee,” Hudson laughed.

But we don’t find it very funny.

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